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ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective™

The ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective™, a $100 million public-private-NGO partnership, is an equity and justice benefit initiative for sustained change. While short-term relief efforts and emergency funding have helped bridge immediate needs through recent challenges, addressing the root issues of economic inequities and systemic injustice in new ways with new action is required for the long-term sustainability of Black and Brown communities. Thus, through unprecedented alliances with city, corporate and non-profit partners and via public donations, the ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective will raise funds through the New Voices Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization guided by our PACE (Purpose.Access.Capital.Expertise) model, to support and impact four key pillars driving racial equity in America – economic parity, health equity, education equality and equal justice.


The ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective™ will raise $100 million, supported by strategic partnerships, inspiring virtual content, purposeful recognition and celebration platforms, and influencer and celebrity ambassadors. Funds raised will enable Black and Brown entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses to access critical resources such as grants, low-cost loans, coaching, training, accelerator programs and other opportunities to position them to thrive. Funds will also support virtual marketplaces and jobs platforms for Black and Brown communities. By working to strengthen frail economic ecosystems via the tenets of entrepreneurship and wealth creation, we can ensure that our communities are better equipped to Recover. Sustain. Thrive.

About the ESSENCE Unstoppable Coalition

ESSENCE cannot do this alone. Solving systemic inequalities and injustices that have caused generations of Black and Brown Americans to become disenfranchised is not a simple, solo mission. It will take a coalition of thought-leaders, practitioners and change agents to affect a global shift in equity and inclusion for all communities. The ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective™ was birthed out of the need to address this urgent mission in ways that impact communities on both a localized level, and global scale.

Our Partners

Powered by the New Voices Foundation, the ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective, additional city, corporate and NGO partners will be announced soon.

Unstoppable Collective Programs

The ESSENCE Unstoppable Collective™ will customize impact programs under each pillar, including recovery and sustainability efforts focused on funding for businesses left out of the federal government’s CARES Act/PPP; resources for essential workers; entrepreneur training and other programs; job placement and readiness services; food security; mental health programs; tools addressing disparities in healthcare delivery; education access; organizations supporting racial equity and inclusion; and more.

By clicking MAKE A DONATION, I agree to the Charitable Disclosure Statements


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