Started in 2018, New Voices Foundation is delivering on its promise to help women of color business owners build, grow and scale their businesses and create a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We provide them with unprecedented access, capital, and expertise via Pitch Competitions; Mobile Accelerators; Coaching and Mentorship for pitch winners and others in the New Voices community; Online Learning and Skills Development Opportunities; and Ongoing Communications Outreach via social media, newsletters and other channels.

$2,620,000 in non-dilutive capital and matched support dollars has been invested in 206 companies owned by women of color.

$26,900,000 in grants, equity and debt capital accessed by companies in the New Voices ecosystem.

$14,200,000 in equity investments raised by winning companies.

1,200+ hours in direct business coaching support for pitch competition winners, PACE bootcamp and mobile accelerator participants.

25,000 member companies registered on our New Voices platforms.