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The New Voices Foundation’s core focus is to provide support to for-profit businesses founded by women of color. Driven by its PACE (Purpose.Access.Capital.Expertise.) model, New Voices offers women of color entrepreneurs access to capital, leadership development, skill-building, and networking opportunities via entrepreneurial summits, accelerators & boot camps, pitch competitions, mentoring and coaching, and more.

However, we have compiled this nonprofit resource guide as we also receive inquiries for support from nonprofit organizations. The resources and articles featured in this guide range from nonprofit management to grant writing/fundraising, and more.

Nonprofit Management 

In this section, you will find a list of virtual courses aimed at training you in overall nonprofit management as well as topic-specific articles on board development, onboarding, and management. 

Courses, Toolkits and Resource Guides:

Topic-Specific Articles from Varied Sources:

Board Recruitment, Onboarding, Development, and Management 

Board Development and Structure

If you have never put an NGO Board together or are having trouble fleshing out your NGO’s board. Here are some helpful articles to help you understand how to decide the type of board that best suits your organization as well as the roles and responsibilities of a board. 

  1. Advisory Board And Board Of Directors – What’s The Difference?
  2. The 5 Most Common Nonprofit Governance Models
  3. Nonprofit Board Positions: Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities
  4. The 10 Roles and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board of Directors
  5. Develop Board Committees

Board Recruitment

Once your organization has settled on the type of board and the positions that are necessary, one must start to recruit board members.  These articles offer ancillary support and can act as a great resource for reference as you begin to implement your board recruitment process. 

  1. Developing a Board Recruitment Process
  2. Board Recruitment Process
  3. 4 Steps to Recruiting the right board members for your organization


After you have identified the right board members for your organization, they must be onboarded/oriented into the organization.  These articles provide a more in-depth look at strategies that can be used to help integrate your new board or board members into your organizational culture and structure.

  1. How To Upgrade Your Onboarding Process For New Board Members
  2. Welcoming New Board Members: Tips for Successful Onboarding 

Board Management 

The next logical step after forming/ staffing your board is the day-to-day management of the board. Here are a few articles with strategies on how to keep your board engaged and effective. 

Board Evaluations: A Complete Q&A Guide for Nonprofits

Financial Management, Budgeting, and Fundraising

Here you’ll find resources related to Nonprofit financial management, budgeting, fundraising–grant writing, and more. 

Courses, Toolkits and Resource Libraries:

Topic-specific Articles from Varied Sources:

Key (Pro Forma) Financial Documents for Nonprofits

Like any other business, nonprofits must have key financial documents that help to outline the organization’s financial health to potential donors, the government, etc. Here you will find templates for those key documents.

  1. Kindful’s Nonprofit Accounting: The Definitive Guide
  2. Nonprofit Financial Commons’ Balance Sheet Cheat Sheet
  3. SmartSheet’s Nonprofit Budget Templates
  4. Propel Nonprofits’ Cashflow Template

Fundraising and Grant Writing for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits rely on funding through grants and partnerships to run their programs. Here you will find links to grant writing templates, articles, and courses. 

  1. Smartsheet’s Nonprofit Grant Proposal Template
  4. 9 Best Grants for Nonprofits
  5. 8 Grant Research Tools for Nonprofits
  6. The Pollination Project’s Grant Writing Guidelines

Impact and Advocacy for Nonprofits 

In this section, you will find resources that will help you learn what advocacy is, how to use it to raise awareness for your cause, and heighten the impact of your organization’s work as well as advocacy best practices. 

Courses, Toolkits and Resource Libraries:

Topic-specific Articles from Varied Sources:

Understanding Advocacy

These articles will give you a deeper understanding of what advocacy for nonprofits is and why you should utilize it as a tool to amplify your organization’s work.

  1. Nonprofit Advocacy: Understanding the Benefits and Risks
  2. Five Essentials of A+ Advocacy for Your Nonprofit

Other Useful Resources for Nonprofits