3 Lesser Known MLK Quotes that will Inspire Greatness in Your Work and Business for 2024

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This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we lean into Dr. King’s incredible legacy to glean wisdom that will help us become better leaders, founders, and stewards on our entrepreneurial journeys. Herein lies three lesser-known quotes by this civil rights giant alongside the lessons and questions they conjure and New Voices resources that will allow you to fully explore and utilize the spirit behind them.

#1  “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” (Birth of a New Age, 1956)

The Lesson: Your business should solve a problem relevant to a significant segment of society.

Important Question(s):  

  1. What is the problem that your product/ service is solving?
  2. How will it impact or make meaningful change within our society?
  3. Who are you helping (target audience)? How will this product/ service change their life?

Resource(s) to help you answer these questions

New Voices Learning Lab ™ LIVE: “Power of Purpose”: Ask Me Anything” with  Richelieu Dennis, Founder of Sundial Brands, Founder/Chair of Essence Ventures and Founder of New Voices Fund & New Voices Foundation and Sharon Chuter, Founder, UOMA Beauty

This session will help you hone in you and your business’ purpose.

“New Voices Family Spotlight: Personal Brand, Meet Business Brand” panel with Abeille Creations founder, Melissa Mitchell and Lamik Beauty founder, Kim Roxie moderated by Besida founder & CEO, Sophia Danner-Okotieat Essence Festival of Culture 2023.

This session will help you align your personal brand and goals with that of your business as well as finetune your target audience.

New Voices Learning Lab™️ LIVE: “Community Building 101” with Olivia Owens, Creator & General Manager of IFundWomen of Color

This session will help you to finetune your audience and build a robust community around the pillars of your brand.

#2 “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if. you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

 (Keep Moving this Mountain, 1960)

The Lesson: Do what you can with what you have. Use the resources at your disposal to propel yourself and your business forward. 

Important Question(s):  

  1. What resources do you have available to you right now?
  2.  How can you use them to push your business forward right now?

Resource(s) to help you answer these questions

New Voices Learning Lab™ LIVE 24: 5 Steps to a Sensational Start for Your Business in 2021 with Ade Omitowo. 

This session will help you explore several key themes of resource management and planning, including the role of scenario planning and implementation in the business, methods to retain and attract customers, and financial needs of the company and aligning appropriate financing vehicles to meet the company’s needs.

#3 The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be… the nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” (Letter from A Birmingham Jail)

The Lesson:  Be radical in your pursuit of your business idea. Seek to integrate innovation into your product or service. 

Important Question(s):  

How does your product or service stand out in your industry or on the shelf? What is your unique selling proposition?

Resource(s) to help you answer these questions

New Voices Learning Lab™️ LIVE: “ Trademark Basics” with Mariessa Terrell, USPTO. 

In this session, you’ll be forced to identify the unique aspects of your company branding as you learn what is and isn’t worthy of trademark according to US Patent and Trademark Office.

New Voices Learning Lab™️ LIVE: “Ask Me Anything Mass Retail” with New Voices Founders. 

In this insightful question and answer session, #NewVoiceFamily Young King Haircare co-founder-Cora Miller, LUNA MAGIC co-founder- Mabel Frias, and Glow by Daye founder-Ranay Orton candidly discuss the steps they’ve taken to establish their brands and brand identity to stand out on shelf for retail.

New Voices Learning Lab™️ LIVE: Startup Funding Series “How to Create Effective Pitch Decks” with New Voices Fund featuring #NewVoiceFamily brands. 

In this panel discussion led by New Voices Fund CFO, Ensa Huger and COO, Chisom A’marie panelists explore how to shape a unique selling proposition and brand story into an effective pitch deck to use to educate potential customers or woo potential investors.

As we honor the legacy of the incomparable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and those who fought alongside him,  we must keep in mind that they walked so that we might run. There is still work to do, and our work as founders and entrepreneurs creates opportunities to uplift our communities, provide greater access to resources, and close the wealth gap for Black and Brown communities. Reflect on that civic responsibility not just on MLK day but every day.